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The RohrWoodWorks Team

Welcome to our Family

We are a family owned and operated small home, hobby business. Taking pride in all we do and love, we thrive on bringing everyone's imaginations to reality. We enjoy the creative drive and the personal experience with each and every Customer, building on trust, and dedication. Every item is made with the quality and perfection we would expect to display in our own home.

A little About us:

 Operating as a small family business since 2018 we have pushed to succeed.

We each possess a different set of crafting skills which we use to our advantage to become a better team, everyday. Where one of us lacks at something the other brings to the table. And, we are excited to now have our daughter join our team to bring her personal skill set, as well as learn and create new skills. 

What We Each Bring To The Table:

Russ (Left): Carpentry, Laser Engraving, Pyrography, Creative Design, Vision, and Tech Support.

Amanda (Right): Carpentry, Artistic Painting, Pyrography, Creative Design, Vision, and Communication. 

Riley (Center): Artistic Painting, Drawing, Embossing, Creative Design, Vision, Inspiration, and more to come!!!

There is always room for improvement!

 Your donations help us to purchase tools, equipment, technology and supplies used to bring you even more and higher quality items.

Thank You for showing your support and being a part of the RohrWoodWorks Family.

*Donations are utilized to purchase Equipment to bring You the Customer more and even better items!

Thank You for Your Donation!!